Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 274

"Adventures of Bike Riding"
Well today my mom had a good idea of taking a bike ride but it seemed like everyone's tire was going flat or something else was going wrong. But we did get to enjoy a great bike ride together! 

Day 273

"Growing Up to Fast"
Today we were doing a little photo shoot with Abigail. It makes us sad to see she is almost 11 months old.

Day 272

There were SO Many to choose from but the kids had a great time trying to pick the right one!  Being it was the 1st day of fall, it fit perfectly into our day.  We had a great time exploring the pumpkin fields!

Day 271

"The dreaded blood-work"
Well today was a day the kids were dreading!  Literally.  The oldest 4 had to get blood work done, so I decided to take them all at the same time.  It was a very memorable day for all us.....had some good laughs the night before and while we were in the waiting room.   It's a day they'll remember for awhile!  

Day 270

"Livi's Lasagna" 
Today Livi really smoked it in the kitchen.  She made EVERYTHING from scratch and we all enjoyed a wonderful, hot meal.  She even made brownies for later to have with vanilla bean icecream!  She's getting good!!!

Day 269

Wednesday was a special treat for the kids we made heart Jello jiglers.  Believe it or not some of them didn't like jello!  Bummer!

Day 268

"Cake Decorating"
Today the kids had a chance to help decorate a cake for the fire department.  This month at church is Public Service appreciate month.

Day 267

"Good Bye Big Blue"
Well the time for us to say good bye was today.  We had a buyer for the "big smurf" and it's off to another family.  We have LOTS of memories in this van and we wish the next owner lots of years with it too!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 266

"Thankful for pain killers"
Today I am SO SO SO very thankful for some pain reliever.... I had the WORST headache I have ever had. I was in so much pain I was actually crying.   :*(    Thankfully I got some Ibuprofen and a nap after puppet practice and I was doing pretty good after that!!!!! 

Day 265

"Best Youth Rally Ever"
Today we got to go to Baltimore and got to the Grow Up Rally. We got to do the Volleyball and Basketball competitions, the food was awesome, and the messages were truely amazing! Can't wait for next year!

Day 264

"Practicing Photography"
Today I got to use my little model to practice my photography skills.

Day 263

Today we got a great deal. We got a whole stack of Oreo's for $.99 each. YUM!

Day 262

Owen wanted to be on the blog so he suggested that I take a picture of him doing math!

Day 261

Today we found this amazing little grasshopper. He just loved the camera! :)

Day 260

"Fun Filled Monday"
This Monday was different. We first went to the doctor's and I was the one that had to get shot, but after we got to enjoy an awesome day with our friends, the Flecks!

Day 259

Today in choir we all had to use a mirror while we sang. We all had a good laugh!

Day 258

Today we got to enjoy a wonderful lunch with our aunt and uncle at a Mexican restaurant. It was DELICIOUS! 

Day 257

"God is SO Good"
Today we just reflected about how God has been good to us! He is an awesome God!

Day 256

"First Field Trip"
Today, our family got to get FREE Arby's sandwich. Then we got to enjoy the most amazing show at Sight and Sound. We got to see Jonah and it was so cool to see the story come to life.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 255

"Last Night"
Tonight, Evan and all the now 6th graders are moving up to the teens class. Evan was so excited!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 254

Today we all got to enjoy left-overs for lunch. Even Abigail was smiling about it!

Day 253

"100th Doggie Bath"
Today felt like was 100th time we had to wash the dogs this year. I hope it was the last :) 

Day 252

 "Fun Filled Sunday"
Today was a fun filled day. There was a plane that was watering the field right next to the church. It was so cool! Then this Sunday was the teens last Sunday teaching the kids for their Sunday School class. We had the best time teaching them.