Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 304

Today, Evan had to let his snake go that he found yestreday. He was so proud to show everyone that he caught it himself!

Day 303

This morning my dad saw this cardinal and a told my mom to quickly grab the camera. And she got the coolest picture. I think it could be in a calendar!

Day 302

"Final Debate"
Today was the last of the debates. This year I really enjoyed watching the debates maybe because I'm little older now and understand a lot more. Looking forward to see how Americans will vote!

Day 301

"Puppet Stage"
Today the puppet team finally got to practice with our new stage! It is HUGE!!!

Day 300

"Nature Walk"
Today, we enjoyed a beautiful walk in the wood. God's creation is absolutely beautiful!

Day 299

Today, we enjoyed a yummy lunch with our aunt. It was delicioso!!!!

Day 298

"Fall is Here!"
Today, we took a walk and enjoyed looking at the beautiful fall leaves! Even when the leaves change, God never changes!

Day 297

"Mini Billy Bob"
Today, Mr. Bob and Nick did a little skit about how you get ready for church. It was so funny!

Day 296

"Milford Public Library"
Today, we all took a trip to the library. As you can see Abigail was relaxing and enjoying looking at all the books they had.

Day 295

Today in my chemistry class my video teacher used liquid Nitrogen to freeze an rose. It was so cool!

Day 294

"Elizabeth's Party"
Today, we got to enjoy celebrating Elizabeth's birthday with friends and family. We always have a great time!

Day 293

Well Evan came up to me and said, "I am going to be a surfer." At first I didn't know what he was talking about then he pointed to his forehead. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 292

"Happy Birthday"
So thankful for the past 9 years! God has blessed us with the most generous and thoughtful daughter you could have. We are celebrating today in a big way......Happy Birthday my sweet Elizabeth!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 291

"Catch of the Day"
Today, Evan was proud of his caught that he had to bring it in and show everyone!

Day 290

This is what we see now and days at Walmart.

Day 289

"Ladies Meeting"
Today we had a great turn out at our Ladies meeting. And the guys and the kids always enjoy the leftovers.

Day 288

Today, Olivia was so happy to be able to capture this on camera!

Day 287

 "A Great Sunday"
Today was a great Sunday. The puppet team got new puppets, Mr. Ed turned 70 and Owen was trying like Mr. Bob with his tie :)

Day 286

"Fall Festival"
Today, we all enjoyed a great day helping out at the Fall Festival. We got to see friends and meet many new people.

Day 285

"Food Bank"
Today, we got the chance to help out at the Delaware Food Bank. We had a ton of fun!

Day 284

"Getting Ready"
 Today, we our all getting ready for our church's Fall Festival this Saturday.

Day 283

"Handful of Weeds"
Today, Sarah brought me the best little bunch of "flowers" She was so happy to share her "flowers" with others.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 282

"Chicken fingers"
Well the most exciting thing for today was Chicken fingers.  Maybe that's a sign!  We made chicken!!!  Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting!

Day 281

"It passed!"
We were a bit nervous about the car passing inspection AND getting the title in our name, but thank the Lord everything went fine and we got it tagged, title, & insured!

Day 280

"Only $3.08 a gallon"
What a HUGE savings today at the gas pump....we saved 70 cents a gallon from our Perks Pump Card from Redners!  Gotta love saving money, especially on gas!!!

Day 279

"New- Used"
Today we picked up our new wheels in Baltimore.   It was an experience for sure....but we made it home on a homemade tag.  One day we are going to write a book on all our experiences!

Day 278

Fun day (and Daddy) got to shoot some guns at the beach.

Day 277

"Abigail is 11 Month"
Wow...this girl didn't stay little long!  Today we celebrated our precious pumpkin turning 11 months!

Day 276

"Candy for Kids"
Tonight is our Wednesday night program and we've got a huge bucket filled to reward our riders!

Day 275

"Up Keep"
It's that time of year where we must up keep the new driveway from cracking and breaking.   After about 4 + hours things looked really nice.  The kids said it looked like a NEW driveway!  Thankful for Troy to be so hard working and do it himself!