Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 209

"Sleeping Like a Baby"
It was so cute to see Abigail fall a sleep just in seconds after putting her in her car seat. She must of had a long day! :)

Day 208

"Ice Cream Man"
Today, Evan and his friend Jerry went over to see how much an ice cream cone was and the "Ice Cream Man" gave them a free ice cream cone! Yum!

Day 207

(Our family with Mark Hall and Brian) 
"Casting Crowns!"
Today was the best day ever! We got to meet Casting Crowns!!! I think everyone could not believe it and I could not stop smiling. And to make the day even better, Mr. Bob (our church's youth leader) won in Delaware's State Fair's Chickin' Pickin'.
God is so good!
 (Mark Hall)
 (Casting Crowns!)
(Mr. Bob won!! )

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 206

"Unwelcomed Visitor"
Today, we got to see 4 BIG vultures in our backyard. It was very cool!

Day 205

"CIA Fun!"
Today we played a game where you had to eat whatever was in the bowl in front of you. Mr. Bob (our youth leader) asked us, "If you were a missionary would you be willing to eat things that you thought would be strange. Good thing my bowl was filled with hard candy! :) 

Day 204

 "Cleaning and Organizing"
Today, our whole family teamed up and cleaned the basement and the school room and they both look awesome! If only we could keep it that way all the time.

Day 203

"Gray Ghost Rides Again"
Today was a great day! Our friend Mr. Tony has been trying to fix his boat for a long time and finally got it back on the water!

Day 202

 "Wonderful Sunday"
Today, we was a great Sunday. Our church members got to learn everything about the sound system which can be very helpful in the future. And the highlight of the day was that we got to meet Tyler, a 12 year old boy who we have been praying for since he had had his surgery after Thanksgiving. He is such a sweet little boy!

Day 201

"Three Left One to Go"
Today, we got rid of another rabbit. SO that leaves us with one more. All the little kids want to keep it but we will have to wait and see what my parents want to do. Its just one more to the Lavallee's Zoo! :) 

Day 200

"Fun Friday"
Today we got to go to 88.7 The Bridge (a local Christian radio station) and putted up our tickets we won to see Casting Crowns! It was really cool to see how they can be a blessing to people by using the radio.
Also today was our last night of VBS (Vacation Bible School). It was really a fun week. Some of these kids come from really messed up homes so it is always great to see their smiling faces when they left.
(88.7 The Bridge)

(Teen Leaders for the different color groups. As you can see my hair is green. Well.... I told the green team (which was my team) that if they passed 2,000 points by Friday I would spry my hair green. I was so proud of my team, our total was 3,724! :) 

Day 199

"Exciting Day"
Today is day 4 for our church's Vacation Bible School and like you see in the picture below, we were filling the bus ever night. (Praise the Lord!) And the next picture is of me cleaning the pool after it started to drain last night. That is just some of the excitement our family gets during the day. 
 (Picking up bus kids for Vacation Bible school)
(Me cleaning the pool while having fun! :)

Day 198

"Furry Friend"
Today, we got a kitten for our Poppop's sister and father. They are going to love this cat.

Day 197

"Day 2 of Vacation Bible School"
Today the kids enjoyed a great day going crafts. It was messy, but the kids had lots of fun!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 196

"Best Day Ever!"

"Olympics -VBS 2012"

Today was one of the most exile-rating days we had in some time!   It started at 8:20 a.m. with a phone call from the Christian Radio telling us that we WON CASTING CROWNS TICKETS and an opportunity to meet them back stage!!!  How awesome is that!  We got picked!  
We also started VBS for the week and that just equals a VERY busy week for us!  It's great to connect with families and the children and proclaim the Word of God.

Day 195

"Getting Fit"
Today, we had our healthy cheese steak stakes before our VBS. :) We will be fit and ready for the Olympics  with this sandwich! 

Day 194

Today, Olivia always says that no one likes her photos on Facebook so I went on there and liked all her pictures she took when we went to the Poconos. It was funny!

Day 193

"Getting Ready"
Today, we are getting ready for our church's VBS this year. This year, we are doing a Olympic theme. Can't  wait for it to start.

Day 192

Today, we got our first couple tomatoes from our garden. Can't wait to have a tomato sandwich! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 191

"Bushkill Falls
Today, we got to go to Bushkill Falls. It was so AMAZING! The water falls were so beautiful!

Day 190

"Having Tons of Fun in the Water"
Today, we got to enjoy going swimming in the Delaware River and at the pool.

Day 189

"Traveling to PA"
Today, we are on are our way to the Poconos to have some fun!

Day 188


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 187

"Out on the Water"
Today, we got to enjoy a great day going on the water and racing each other. It was awesome!

Day 186

Today, we got our first carrot from our garden. But the rabbits got to enjoy this tiny carrot.

Day 185

"Good Day"
Today, Abigail turned 8 months today. And today ended a great service with the Ferguson's. 

Day 184

Today, Owen and I got dressed to go to church that night and we both had blue and black on. It was so cute!

Day 183

"Driver's License"
Today, after a long wait, I got my driver's license and this wonderful novice driver magnet! =) It was an exciting ride back home!