Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 365

"Homemade Bread"
Today, my mom made homemade bread! It was delicious! I think we will be adding that to the recipe box! :)

Day 364

Today, we finally got the hang of Pinterest and you might say it is kinda of addicting! But there are ton of great ideas!

Day 363

I tripped over a old photo of us four years ago in front of the tree just like the picture we took on Christmas Eve. It is so funny to see them side by side.

Day 362

"A Girl's Heaven"
Us, girls took a trip to the outlets to go to a store that we were told was amazing. We went in and would of never came out! :)

Day 361

"Merry Christmas"
We want to wish you a Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Day 360

"Candlelight Service"
Today, we all got dressed up in our red for our church's candlelight service. The evening was fantastic!

Day 359

This year the ladies in our church made hats for our missions family in South Dakota. They pass them out to women and children that have nothing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 358

"Baltimore Cowboy Christmas"
Today the puppet team had an opportunity to present "Cowboy Christmas" in the church in Baltimore city. 

Day 357

"Would ya look at this"
WOW... Abby's hair is starting to look SO much like Elizabeth's was when she was little. Beautiful curly hair!

Day 356

Today mom had a Dr's appointment to check this spot on her nose, not knowing what it would be she went to the dermatologist! So very thankful she went when she did, because it was pre-cancer, so they were able just to freeze it off.    

Day 355

"The plague lives on"
:*(   Sadly, the lovely "bug" has returned to the Lavallee house with Owen getting sick before dinner tonight! YUCKY!!!! 

Day 354

"Dentist Check-up"
Today Sarah and Emma had to go to the dentist for their regular check-ups... they must of had healthy teeth. No cavities, YAY!

Day 353

"Ladies Christmas Party"
What a fun night everyone had tonight at the ladies party! 

Day 352

We had a great day with the Fleck family in Baltimore... Pictures are yet to come!! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 351

Everyone was impressed with how well the teens did!  It was a great added ministry to Sunday morning!

Day 350

Nothing like a big bowl of deer chili.  Pic to come!

Day 349

"Parade Day"
Went to NJ for the day to catch a parade at night.  It was cold and rainy but we all had a great time!

Day 348

Nothing like a crock pot of HOMEMADE soup!  Yummo!

Day 347

"Cowboy Christmas Wednesday"
Had an awesome turn out of kids AND adults to the 1st showing of Cowboy Christmas Puppet Performance!

Day 346

"Windows Open"
Today was UNBELIEVABLY Warm...had the windows open and airing the house out!

Day 345

"Rabbits Running"
Today was a day to get LOOSE...Rabitt had a great time roaming around.

Day 344

"Christmas Party"
Our Annual Church Christmas Party was a huge hit. We had many visitors and always plenty to eat.  

Day 343

"Emma's Sub"
Emma is doing such a GREAT job at her work...she won a FREE sub courtesy of Redners!  Go Emma!

Day 342

"Sarah's Trip to McD's"
While Sarah was in the hospital...we promised her the world.  We also promised her McDonald's her favorite!  Yum!

Day 341

Today was another morning in Southern Delaware with much fog covering like a blanket.

Day 340

"Day 2 in the hospital"
Sarah is making GREAT progress and we even got to visit with Miss Shirley since she was only a few doors away from Sarah's Hospital room.

Day 339

Today was a day we dreaded but it was much needed to get our Sarah back to good health!

Day 338

"Concern for Sarah"
Still no relief yet in sight for Sarah...we are praying and taking her back to the Dr.s

Day 337

"The LAST Big practice"
Cowboy Christmas has been on going since was our last big practice!  Wheww!!!

Day 336

"Trip to ER"
Poor Sarah has been through the mill and now she ended up in the ER for a few hours.  After a some IV fluid and some blood work, she was able to come back home.

Day 335

"Sarah is sick AGAIN"
Another day of sickness...we thought she was getting better but..she ended up getting sick again!

Day 334

Today was so touch and go since we had a sick one.  One minute we were going to dinner another minute we were canceling....the next minute we were going.  So we went and had a great time with family!

Day 333

"Sarah SIck"
Another bites the dust....Sarah is now the next victim!  Ugh!

Day 332

"Sickness Starting"
Tonight our little Abs got sick....starting of many more days!

Day 331

"Gun Fun"
Today was out of the had fun shooting at did Daddy!