Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 329

"Fall Leaves"
All the beautiful fall leaves are all starting to fall off the trees. So we are enjoying the beauty before the winter months.

Day 328

Today, my mom made some homemade soup. It was so delicious! 

Day 327

"Craft Day"
Today the kids all made a fall craft. And Owen decided to make a acorn it was so cute! 

Day 326

Today, my parents to talk with a young man and his wife who graduated from PCC and got to get some more information about Pensacola Christian College.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 325

"Free Deer"
Today, someone gave us a call and asked if we wanted a free deer. So it looks like we will be eating deer for a little while.

Day 324

"Game Day"
Today we got to teach our friends how to play Phase 10.
Phase 10 is the best game ever!

Day 323

"Last Day"
Today was our last day in the Poconos. We all had a blast! 

Day 322

Today we all took a walk and enjoyed the beauty of the Poconos!

Day 321

"Vacation in the Poconos"
Today, we went away to our aunt's house in the Poconos. Everyone was so excited to finally arrive at the house after a long car ride.

Day 320

Today, we took pictures of our rose out front. It really beautiful this year.

Day 319

Today, we dropped off our Operation Christmas Child (O.C.C.) Boxes. It is just a blessing to know that you can put together a simple box for a child who needs to hear that God loves them. 

Day 318

"It's Snowing"
Today it started to snow and the kids were so exciting they grabbed their hats, gloves, and winter coats. Even though it didn't stick they still had lots of fun.

Day 317

 "Dover Air Force Museum/Election Day"
Today, we got to take Mr. Cliff to the Dover Air Force Museum. We always learn something new every time we go there. Also it was a big day everyone was waiting to see who American's voted to be the next president. We know whoever is the president is, God is going to still be in control. 

Day 316

Tonight, Sarah fell asleep in the chair with Mr. Bob and the rabbits. It was so cute!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 315

"Puppet Stage"
Today, we got to practice with the curtains on. We are ready to perform!

Day 314

"Eight Hours"
Today, I had to work for 8 hours. The time does go by fast when its busy.

Day 313

"Operation Christmas Child"
Today, we all packed a special box for a child in a different country. It is a great opporitunity to touch a life with just a simple gift.

Day 312

Today in Our Daily Bread devotion book it gave us a great reminder that we are in a spiritual battle. But God is always with us to help fight our battles.

Day 311

"Pumkin Craving"
Today, the kids got to enjoy craving our old pumkins that we had around the house.

Day 310

"Enjoying Learning"
Owen is the one that is always ready to learn something new. He really enjoys his Bible class this year!

Day 309

"Hurricane Sandy"
Today was the day when everyone was waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit shore. As others were inside we enjoyed just playing in the rain then to come in to a nice warm fire!

Day 308

"Great Weekend"
Today, Mr. Cliff left before Hurricane Sandy hit. We were all sad to see him leave but we know we will see him again!

Day 307

"Happy 1st Birthday Abigail!"
this was the quickest year of my life.....Today celebrating our baby girl's 1st birthday. What a joy she brings to our family! Happy Birthday Abigail Anne!!!!

Day 306

 "Welcome Mr. Cliff"
Today, my 4th grade Sunday School teacher, Mr. Cliff, came to visit us from Florida. We pulled a joke on him and told me that he was staying in the "Suite #7" Everyone got a big laugh out of it!

Day 305

"Look Who We Saw"
Today, my dad got to meet one of his favorite singers, Jason Gray. Then they got to get a picture with Mitt Romny and Paul Ryan :)