Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 200

"Fun Friday"
Today we got to go to 88.7 The Bridge (a local Christian radio station) and putted up our tickets we won to see Casting Crowns! It was really cool to see how they can be a blessing to people by using the radio.
Also today was our last night of VBS (Vacation Bible School). It was really a fun week. Some of these kids come from really messed up homes so it is always great to see their smiling faces when they left.
(88.7 The Bridge)

(Teen Leaders for the different color groups. As you can see my hair is green. Well.... I told the green team (which was my team) that if they passed 2,000 points by Friday I would spry my hair green. I was so proud of my team, our total was 3,724! :) 

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